Yes, The Simpsons Even Predicted Canada Legalizing Marijuana

Canada has just legalized recreational marijuana, meaning that The Simpsons have accurately predicted another world event.

It was announced earlier this week that Canada will become the first major world economy to fully legalize recreational marijuana. And while the world waits to see how the nation moves forward with that edict, others realized that this is just the latest in a long line of gags made by The Simpsons years ago to actually come true.

The long-lived animated series, which is currently in its thirtieth season, has gained notoriety in recent years for how often it has successfully predicted the future. Among the biggest unintentional prognostications are Fox being bought by Disney, and Donald Trump becoming President of the United States.

The gag predicting legal marijuana in Canada came in season 16’s “Midnight Rx,” which originally aired thirteen years ago. Due to surging insurance prices, Homer, Grampa Simpson, Ned and Apu begin smuggling prescription drugs out of Canada into the United States. While in Canada, they meet the Canadian equivilant of Flanders, and the pair quickly share some diddleys and politeness. The Canadian Flanders offers Ned a joint, pointing out that it’s legal in Canada.



Though it was not actually legal at the time, Canadian authorities were often considered to be so lax in enforcing pot laws, many people felt it might as well be. Flanders, of course, responds to the idea that he might want to get high by glaring at his northern counterpart and muttering, “They warned me Satan would be attractive.”

The Simpsons, currently in a record-setting thirtieth season, airs new episodes Sunday nights on Fox.\


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