DA dismisses citation against woman with medical marijuana

Medical marijuana is legal now, but there seems to be some confusion.

For instance, just last month, Regina Gist from Adair County was issued a citation for possession of marijuana, even though she had a medical marijuana card.

Adair District Attorney Jack Thorp explains that “[o]fficers asked her how she was able to get medical marijuana, and she said she got it from a drug dealer.”

Gist’s attorney disagrees and said she never told deputies where the marijuana came from.

That ticket was dismissed on Wednesday by Thorp, but what happened in Adair County raises some questions.

“Right now, the guys on the street that are conducting law enforcement activities, it’s a little bit of a difficult time determining what’s legal and what’s not legal,” said Thorp.

Chip Paul with Oklahomans for Health says it doesn’t really matter where the marijuana came from.

“It says what you posses. It doesn’t say ‘you can posses this, only if it came from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary.’ If we would have meant that, we would have put it into the law,” said Paul.

Paul said the law enforcement community needs to get together and figure out what’s legal and what’s not.

“The message isn’t being communicated through these local police forces and sheriffs’ departments and things like that,” said Paul.

Gist’s attorney’s said they haven’t ruled out taking legal action against Adair County.

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