Colorado is on pace to earn $354,000,000 on Marijuana in 2018

In This Podcast:  Shannon Gray, with the State of Colorado Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division. In Colorado, marijuana is in there with the Auto Industry, gaming, liquor, tobacco and racing for enforcement.

Take a look at the tax dollars raised for education in Colorado.  Click Here.

Here’s what I asked her.

1) How long has Colorado Department of Revenue been dealing with marijuana? (Since 2000)

2) What all does the marijuana division deal with? How many are in your department? (rules, regs and enforcement)

3) Have the rules and regulations regarding medical and recreational marijuana been tweaked? How is that done? (Yes. Many times.)

4) How does Colorado derive money from the sale of the marijuana? (Taxes)

5) Where does the marijuana money go? (Schools)

6) Is there still difficulty with retailers in regards to putting their money in federally insured banks? (Yes)

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