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    Cannabis For Pain: The 10 Best Strains For Chronic Pain Relief

    Chronic pain is one of the top reasons patients are turning to medical cannabis. However, pain is not the same for everyone and with so many different cannabis strains, finding the best one can be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of the ten best strains for pain, to help you […] More

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    ‘We are not criminals!’ Chronic pain sufferers say pain medication rules unfairly punish

    SEATTLE– “It’s the difference between laying in bed crying and getting up and going kayaking,” says Micki Forrester. She was at a small rally Tuesday outside the University of Washington Medical Center. It was one of four rallies statewide — and many more across the country — to raise awareness of the difficulties patients with […] More

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    Marijuana could treat chronic pain better than opioids

    In 2016, over 64,000 people in the United States died from opioid overdoses — either from painkillers, heroin, or (a synthetic opioid). To put that number in perspective, that’s more Americans killed by opioids in 365 days than were killed during the entirety of the Vietnam War. Opioids in America are more than a crisis — […] More

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    Research reveals how marijuana strengthens bones and accelerate bones fraction healing

    Marijuana is still classified as having “no currently accepted medical use” by the federal government. Despite scientific research continuously shows its healing potential to cure a number of diseases effectively. Recently researchers from Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University carried out a research to investigate the affect of cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) on bone strength and […] More

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    Chronic illness: 8 ways to improve your relationship

    Sickness is not sexy and so is chronic pain. We try to hide it a little. We would rather not talk about it. We hope that if we ignore it might naturally goes away. But that will not happen. We are living in a world of youth, beauty, vitality and wrinkle creams. We refuse to look death in the eye.  We […] More

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    You’re Not Imagining Your Chronic Illness

    I am not Imagining my illness, I have lupus. Having lupus is terrible. It affects your entire body and turns your life into one giant, sadistic guessing game. Something triggers your immune system. Turning it into Jigsaw from the Saw horror movie franchise. It then forces you to solve a series of complex mental and physical […] More

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    Chronic Pain as a Disease: Why Does it Still Hurt?

    People who suffer from severe, chronic back pain know how it can disrupt and damage one’s life.Chronic back pain can be cruel, making it hard to enjoy even the simplest daily activities. The pain makes it a challenge to carry out an exercise routine and other healthy activities. Moreover, chronic pain was not always all that well […] More